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How Much Data Do I Need?

Posted By admin Posted on May 2, 2017

Verizon from IM WirelessWhen growing families come into IM Wireless looking for advice for their current Verizon data plans or how much data they need, our experts always have a few suggestions that can help determine a plan size that makes sense for your budget and family. We know there are unlimited data options out there, however, most people don’t need unlimited data! With Wi-Fi as common and accessible as it is, you will find that there are ways to monitor and control data use.

Download the My Verizon app

On average, Verizon customers use around 102 gigs a month per device. However, that’s not to say you fall out of the ordinary categories. By downloading the My Verizon app and adding it to your Widgets, you can track your data in real time. This application gives you the option and ability to view and edit:

  • How much data you have used/how much is left
  • How many days until the end of your billing cycle
  • An analysis of how much data every phone in the plan is using
  • Breakdown of where the data use is on their device
  • Times of the day when data use is frequent
  • Curfew or data limits for specific numbers/users

Just a month spent using this tool can help you determine which plan will be best for you. Luckily, with Verizon’s new plan options, you can quickly switch the size of your contract and roll over your available data from month to month.

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