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The customer experience (CX) has become a differentiation factor, particularly for small business owners. And, it has gained even more importance in the current COVID-19 environment. Economies and businesses have taken a hit like never before.

Here comes good news for your business from IM Wireless, a Verizon Authorized Retailer, for businesses and consumers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas. Now you can save more per month, increase productivity, and compete effectively against other companies in your industry. Affordable Verizon mobile data and voice services, including unlimited plans, are helping businesses to control phone costs and boost the levels of sales and customer service.

Learn Ways Verizon cell phone services and products can empower your employees to do more, and enhance business growth.

Reduce Business Overhead with Verizon Business Plans

Verizon makes it easy to control business overhead, which is now a necessity to survive the Covid-19 triggered economic crisis.

Expenses on data usage or VoIP services including cell phone rental plans and devices like smartphones and routers contribute to your business overhead. Save up to 8% on non-unlimited monthly plans aimed at small businesses. Unlimited plans offering envying Internet speed are also available at the best price in the industry. With unlimited calling and uninterrupted data usage at a fixed price, keep your business up and running. Take advantage of VoIP with 5G enabled smartphones to make international calls at no extra cost.

Empower your manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service teams to do more with voice and data usage. Help your team conduct virtual meetings while on the go without interruptions. Thus, Verizon Business Cellular Device and Service is a way to contain your business budget without sacrificing sales, marketing, and customer experience objectives. Most of our customers have recently expressed their exceptional satisfaction regarding how much we can save them on communication expenses. In fact, a powerful Verizon network is enabling them to reach out to more customers.

Gain Agility with 5G Ultrawideband Verizon Business Plan

In a fast-paced dynamic economy, customers have gone impatient, and fast and reliable phone service will help you need to honor their on-demand requests.

Verizon is one of the few telecom companies in the USA to offer 5G Ultrawideband Internet and voice plans. How fast is 5G? Since 1 GBPS = 1000 MBPS, which means 5 G will be equivalent to 5000 Mbps. Hence, a blazing fast Internet is now just a click away.

Verizon’s 5G network has been extended to as many as 31 cities including Charlotte, Chicago, Des Moines, Greensboro, Grand Rapids, Hoboken, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Denver, Memphis, Providence, St. Paul, and Atlanta. Verizon’s attractive bundled phone plan, great speed, reduced per month bill, and rewarding customer service has earned the loyalty of customers in every city. Get an unlimited or basic plan, and whether you choose prepaid or postpaid – you experience the same Internet speed and coverage. Businesses opting for multiple lines can seek additional discounts on postpaid plans.

Real-time experiences with high signal strengths, ultra-low latency, faster download speeds, and massive capacity – all make a difference to your customer acquisition, employee productivity, and satisfaction. The connection is so powerful that you can even enjoy it via a mobile hotspot. It’s a popular alternative for bringing your own device. Hence, switching to the latest 5G Verizon plan with attractive recent pricing is a must-have for today’s businesses.

Retain Your Device and Number with Verizon Network

Contacts or phone numbers are vital to businesses to help improve communication customers. Verizon values your relationship and helps you switch to us, or upgrade devices, without hassle.

Changing your business cell phone number frequently may lead to lost business opportunities, and it often reduces trust. Whether you are an existing Verizon business plan user or from a different network, we, at IMWireless, always make it easy for you to switch your network or service provider to Verizon in a hassle-free manner while keeping your existing number. Based on your business need, select the plan that works. Verizon has a plan for every need and that too without compromising speed and security. Take note of the plan features, speed, price, and more prior to making a purchase.

Irrespective of the smartphone or device OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, etc.), or platform (Android/iOS), you can migrate your cellular network by visiting our nearby store located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Innovation-Driven Verizon Solution for Your Business

Verizon’s 5G Labs are developing cutting-edge solutions to help small businesses cut their operational costs. The labs are powered by technology professionals, academia, and companies that focus on making the most of the 5G connectivity by integrating it with the latest technologies like 3D, AR, and others. The mission of the lab has been aptly titled What’s Next In Tech. Labs are the hub for the development, testing, and release of the latest 5G-enabled wireless technology solutions to boost the business opportunity and customer experience in gaming, travel, health, real-estate, connectivity, and other sectors. Backed by strong coverage and low-latency, the business solutions are capable of accelerating your ROI. However, wireless speeds vary due to the smartphone and cellular network technology you depend on, so we recommend you using the latest ones. Customer service representatives at IM Wireless can help you with this.

Excellent Customer Service with Verizon Business Plan

For businesses, Verizon ensures the availability of on-demand customer service. Whether the concern is regarding activating a new plan, purchased new devices, buying the right data plan, connectivity, or any other service matter, you have access to exceptional 24/7 customer service. We also offer a quick and easy way to pay your Verizon bill online using a payment method of your choice. As Verizon rewards its loyal customers, existing customers should check the Verizon Promotion Center page to claim special offers. Experts at IM Wireless strongly complement the growing customer service demands.

Got a question regarding the best Verizon business plan, discount offers, 5G-enabled smartphones, routers, or other devices? Get in touch with one of our experts over the phone or email. We value the safety and health of customers visiting our store. Adopting the guidelines issued by the CDC and WHO, we are committed to protecting our staff and customers against the pandemic spread.