Refund Policy

We sincerely appreciate your business. If you wish to return any product purchased from any of our stores, our return policy is as follows:

Accessory Refund Policy: Accessories are refundable within 30 days from the date of purchase with the original packaging, never opened and a receipt. If anything is opened or missing, there will be a minimum 15% restocking fee. Please read these exclusions: NO REFUNDS on Batteries, Software, Memory Cards, Screen Protectors, Activation Fees, Device ID changes, Phone Book Transfer, Prepaid phones, Bill payments, Headsets wired or Bluetooth and SIM Cards.

Basic/Smartphone/Tablet/Jetpack Device or Equipment Refund Policy: All devices sold must be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase. If defective, it can be exchanged with the same make and model with no charge within 14 days. There is only one exchange allowed within 14 days with a restocking fee, which is $35 – Basic Phone/Jetpack, $50 – Smartphones and $75 – iPads/Tablets equipment.

For all returns or exchanges device must be in like-new condition. If anything is missing, you will have to pay the cost of the missing merchandise. If you mailed in the rebate or UPC barcode is missing, that amount will be deducted from your refund amount.

Activation or Upgrade Fee will be charged by Verizon Wireless on your bill.

Warranty: New Devices sold without a contract will have warranty through the manufacturer or Verizon Wireless. Certified pre-owned devices have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to like-new condition. If the device experiences a manufacturing defect within the first year you own it, Verizon wireless will replace it with a comparable unit.

Sale Tax on Phones: In Massachusetts, if you purchase a device at a discount and also enter into a service contract, your sales tax is calculated on Verizon Wireless’s cost of the device, not the discounted price you pay. Department of Revenue Letter Ruling 09-2: Sale of Wireless Communication Device in Bundled Transaction.