Nearly two-thirds or 65% of the SMB respondents who participated in the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2021 Survey believe that cloud-based services enable them to compete effectively with their large counterparts. Many prefer Verizon Plans over VoIP. However, lack of in-house security expertise remains as a critical challenge for them. IMWireless, the leading Verizon Authorized Retailer in the US, takes a deep dive into the challenges and the solutions that exist.


The report quotes there has been 364% increase in the number of mobile phishing attempts in 2020 versus 2019. With many employees working from home, cybercriminals have adapted their techniques to take advantage of the disruption.

If you are new to the term phishing, here is what it means. Phishing is an Internet attack to gain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive details by impersonating oneself as a trustworthy entity in a digital communication.

What should you do to mitigate the risk? Effectively manage the permissions and controls granted to the users regarding the use of Microsoft 365 and similar services. Educate your staff using online services to identify such Internet scams.


Through there is declining trend of malware attacks, in 2020, over 8% of organizations had experienced at least one malware incident—that’s down from 10% in 2019, but up from 2% in 2018. Where does the problem lie? It’s the lack of employee awareness is a problem. The Verizon report finds 30% of U.S. workers do not know about malware. They believed it to be a type of hardware that boosts a Wi-Fi signal.

What should you do to mitigate the malware risk?  Educating employees about the threats and how to counter them—both in their personal and professional lives can be helpful.


It’s common to see people forget their devices and losing them. They leave phones, tablets and laptops in taxis, on trains, at restaurants—the list goes on and on. Sometimes they find them, but most of the times, they don’t. Device loss/theft is one of the types of compromises that’s easiest to mitigate. It’s easy to get control of the data lying on the phone or devices. They can be encrypted or wiped out remotely. Modern devices come up with mobile device management (MDM)/enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, but a very small fraction of people use it. Create awareness about the data safety features in your employees and encourage them to use them in extreme cases.