If you are searching for the best Internet connection for your home, you might have come to know about Fios Home Internet service or plan. We generally get queries from customers regarding the benefits, availability and prices of installing Fios Home Internet. In this blog post, I will try to answer your queries.

Fios by Verizon stands for “Fiber Optic Service.” Fios offers the fastest speed up to 940/880 Mbps available in select areas in the US. It’s considered as the most reliable internet with bandwidth for multiple devices and 4K- compatible TV picture quality.

Availability of Fiber optic-based Internet service in USA

Verizon is one of the first major U.S. carriers to offer fiber to the home. Owing to its quick installation, uninterrupted service and blazing fast Internet speed, the service provider has received positive ratings from customers.

Verizon currently has three types of Fios plans with varying speed from 200 Mbps ($39.99) to 400 ($59.99) Mbps to Gigabit Connection 940/880 Mbps ($79.99).

To know whether your address qualifies for the Fios Internet service, search on our website with your address or nearby address. As of now, IMWireless has its offices across 33 US locations in MA, ME, and NH.

Verizon Complementary Offers

  • No matter what Fios plan you choose, Verizon has complimentary offers for you as follows:
  • Gigabit Connection: $100 Gift Card or PlayStation Plus and Now for 12 months.
  • 200 Mbps: Discovery+ for 3 mos. (then, $6.99/mo. after) or PlayStation Plus & Now for 3 months 400 Mbps: Discovery+ for 6 mos. (then, $6.99/mo. after) or PlayStation Plus & Now for 3 mos. (then, $24.99/mo. each, every 3 mos.)

The availability of a high-speed Internet connection keeps you connected, productive and entertained.  Get in touch with one of our offices to see what are the best Internet plans for you.